My Passion

"A blank canvas is an opportunity to showcase what is inside."

Art is something I have always had. I have very fond memories of drawing dinosarus and comic books as a young child. My favourite artist growing up was Robert Batement. His wildlife paintings were a huge inspiration to me as a child. The genuine love I had for animals was immediate for me, but seeing wildlife in his paintings sturred something within me.  

There has always been something inside of me; this urge to create and make something out of nothing. I can't explain it. It's all I want to do. 



Wife and me.jpg

About Us

My Wife, Amanda

Fulfilling my dream of becoming a working artist did not happen overnight. It has taken years of hard work to get me to where I am today. Nothing in life comes easily, and sometimes you need help. Mine came in 2014. In the fall of 2014, I met my wife, Amanda. Our courtship only lasted one year, and similar to my art, I knew what I wanted. She was it for me. 


My wife is an elementary school teacher (which was the profession my mother was in). My desire to have children one day was strong. So strong in fact that on our first date I actually asked Amanda how many kids she wanted someday...  Even more shocking was how naturally she answered! I always associated elementary teachers with good mothers. After all, you've chosen a profession where you are around dozens of children...none of whom are your own. I was right about the good mother thing by the way. Amanda is an amazing mother! 


Our Family

Along with our 10-year-old husky, Micah, Amanda and I live simple lives. We always wanted children and in 2020 our prayers were answered. We were blessed with our first child. Our little man is energetic, is incredibly curious, makes us laugh daily and is always happy. There is nothing in this world we love more. He is the light of our lives and thank God daily for him.