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"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail."

Pet Portraits



Pets are family — that’s why I take extra care in the creation of pet portraits.


I create my pet portraits in both pastels and acrylics. Paintings created in pastels are highly detailed and are quite realistic. Photo references are used for each portrait and my aim is to create a piece of artwork that closely resembles the pet while also adding in my own artistic style.

Payment Process:

Once the commissioned piece has been discussed, designed, and accepted, the painting can begin. Updates will be communicated regularly via email. A 20% non-refundable payment is required for a painting to begin. The remaining 80% is due upon completion. 


Artwork in pastels must be placed behind glass within a frame. Completed paintings are not sent in the mail within a frame but, if a portrait is to be sent in the mail, details on how to frame a portrait are included. Portraits can be framed for residents of/around Lethbridge, AB, for an additional $10-$40 (cost of the frame). 


There are no shipping costs. Shipping is FREE!

Additional Subjects:
If you would like more than one subject in your custom portrait, each additional subject costs 25% on top of the prices indicated below.


Portraits are created using professional archival pastels, ensuring quality and longevity


Each painting takes 3-5 days to complete (not including shipping time)


Image by Hkyu Wu
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Image by Steve Johnson
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Completed Portraits

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